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What movies have you seen recently?

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Following on the heals of the Directv movie channel preview weekend I recently saw the following:


Rocky Balboa - I loved the original Rocky movie, but that was about it. I saw II, III, and IV. Thought they were all "eh." Never saw V and VI (there was a VI, right??. This one had gotten decent reviews so I gave it a whirl. Thought it was quite enjoyable. They made the plot sound somewhat feasible (aging Rocky comes out of retirement to fight an exhibition against the undefeated champ). The sappy "Adrian anniversary tour" aspect was a bit of a bore and just an excuse to introduce clips from the original Rocky, but that aside it was a nice, uplifting flick. Good stuff.


Knocked Up - The wife and I were really looking forward to seeing this given how popular it was in the theater. Wow. What a piece of crap. The hot, upwardly mobile, E! show correspondent falls for an unemployed, moronic, slacker, pothead? Are you kidding me? Every other scene was this guy or his buddies doing drugs.

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