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im am doing a report in school i need some information about roman batsh can some one reply to this

to help me that would be great

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actually the visitors tothe roman baths did not only bathe it was a lot like a sports facility or health club the patron paid a small fee for admission to the baths the undressed in a room and kept thier clothes in caintes or niches and they either locked it or paid a slave to guard his or her clothing next they entered a cold room where the spashed water on themselves next they enterd a warm room where they submerged them selves in a pool of water which was always draining and being refilled at the same time so as not to receive a infection, next they entered a hot room much like a sauna where they sweated then they had olive oil poured on their flesh then scraped the sweat and olive oil combination off with a blunt curved blade called a stringel then they received a massage and went outdoors to exercise or played competitive games or went inside the libary adjoining the baths building and read or studied and reasearched material with their clothes on of course. PS the romans may have bthed in a mixed bathing establishmet early on usually during the republican period and usually mixed bathing facilities were located in towns and not cities.

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