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I am curious on roman holidays

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I am curious on Roman holidays that are not always entirely religious, or have a second meaning. For example I read Floralia was a holiday for prostitutes. Somehow I doubt it but I find it interesting that they would have them. Are there any other holidays that sponsor a particular profession or a god of a profession?

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I don't believe the Floralia was exactly a holiday for prostitutes, although prostitutes viewed the holiday as their own due to the licentious nature of some of the celebrations of the holiday following its introduction into the city from the countryside.


As for other holidays "that sponsor a particular profession," the Equirria (February 27th) would have been a big day for people in the horse racing business, the Vinalia Priora (April 23rd) would have been a big day for vintners, and the Portunalia (August 17th) may have been a big day for locksmiths.


You can find a comprehensive listing of Roman holidays and festivals, compiled by Ursus, here: Republican era State festivals


At the end of his article, Ursus also provides a couple of sourcebooks (by Adkins & Adkins) for further reading.


-- Nephele

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