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Names of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae??

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Hello, i know that Herodotus wrote down the names of the 300 spartans at Thermopylae because he said that "they deserved to be remembered". Now i wonder if anyone know where i can find these, cuz i dont, please send a link in that case. Thanks in advance.

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According to this website (not sure how reliable it is though), the pillar where Herodotus claims to have seen the names of the 300 Spartan warriors who fought at Thermopylae has been destroyed.





Apparently only a few names are known:


Dienekes (Dieneces) - Herodotus wrote that he was the bravest of the 300.

Maron and Alpheus - Two Spartan brothers who also distinguished themselves and possessed that quality known as andreia, which in Greek means courage and bravery.

Pantites - Sent away from Thermopylae on a diplomatic mission to enlist the services of the other Greek city-states. He later hanged himself because of the shame and the dishonor bestowed upon him by his fellow Spartans who thought he had loitered long enough not to engage in battle.

Eurytus - Suffered a very severe eye inflammation which incapicatated him so much that he ordered his helot to guide him into battle and perished with the remaining Spartans on the final day.

Aristodemus (Aristodamus) - Suffered the same inflammation as Eurytus, however, instead of fighting, returned to Sparta and was labeled 'The Trembler' for not having fought and died with his fellow Spartans. Aristodemus' redemption came when he stood in the front line of the phalanx at the Battle of Plataea, broke ranks and killed several Persians on his own before dying.

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There was also Megastides who was with the Spartan force, though he was an Arcarnanian. (On the other side of the Saronic gulf on the west coast). Dunno if he counts.

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