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Ancient Warfare Magazine is giving away two copies of their upcoming Ancient Warfare Special 2: 'The Roman Imperial Centuria' to two of our newsletter subscribers. (so hurry up sign up for the newsletter if you haven`t yet)


This special issue is dedicated to 'the core of the legion': careers, administration and tactics of the early Imperial Roman centuria. With contributions by, among others, Ross Cowan, Duncan Campbell, Philip Matyszak and Graham Sumner.


...so, now the details have been released, pretty impressive line up and topics...


* Paul McDonnell-Staff, 'Core of the legion - Historical introduction'

* Jona Lendering, 'Hadrian and his soldiers - The Lambaesis Inscription'

* Duncan B. Campbell, 'Backbone of the legions - Some centurions and their careers'

* Graham Sumner, 'The centurio from Colchester - Reconstructing Marcus Favonius Facilis'

* Philip Matyszak, 'Learning on the job and in camp - Training the centuria'

* Ross Cowan, 'The centuria in battle - Tactical organisation and combat'

* Michael J. Taylor, 'Records on bark, sherds and papyrus - Small unit administration in the Roman army'

* Christian Koepfer, 'Keeping the legionaries clothed and fed - Logistics of the centuria'

* Graham Sumner, 'Dressed for the occasion - three legionaries brought to life'

* Michael C. Bishop, 'Keeping the weapons - Acquisition, ownership and storage'

* Michael Thomas, 'With bodies completely protected - Roman armour of the 1st-2nd centuries AD'


...more at Ancient Warfare Magazine




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