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Battles of the Fifth Century AD





5th Century AD

402 AD Asta Romans (Stilicho) Visigoths (Alaric)
402 AD Pollentia Romans (Stilicho) Visigoths (Alaric)
403 AD Verona Romans (Stilicho) Visigoths (Alaric)
410 AD Sack of Rome Visigoths (Alaric) Romans
425 AD Italy Romans (Aetius) Visigoths (Theodoric)
432 AD Ravenna Romans (Aetius) Romans (Boniface)
436 AD Narbonne Romans (Aetius) Visigoths (Theodoric)
447 AD Utus Romans Huns (Attila)
451 AD Campi Catalaunii Romans (Aetius/Theodoric I) Huns (Attila)
455 AD Sack of Rome Vandals (Geiseric) Romans
468 AD Carthage Vandals (Geiseric) Romans (Basiliscus)
472 AD Rome Romans (Ricimer) Romans
476 AD 'Fall of Rome' Germans (Odoacer) Romans

Did you know?

The major development from the army of the principate was the formal division of the army into two parts, the field army (comitatenses) and the border troops (limitanei). The border troops were organized to defend provinces and were stationed around the edges of the Empire.

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