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Battles of the Fourth Century AD





4th Century AD

312 AD Taurinorum Romans (Constantine) Romans (Army of Maxentius)
312 AD Verona Romans (Constantine) Romans (Army of Maxentius
312 AD Rome (Milvian Bridge) Romans (Constantine) Romans (Maxentius)
313 AD Tzirallum Romans (Licinius) Romans (Maximinus Daia)
314 AD Cibalae Romans (Constantine) Romans (Licinius)
314 AD Mardia Romans (Constantine) Romans (Licinius)
323 AD Adrianople Romans (Constantine) Romans (Licinius)
323 AD Hellespont (Naval) Romans (F. Julius Crispus) Romans (Licinius)
324 AD Chrysopolis Romans (Constantine) Romans (Licinius)
344 AD Singara Romans (Constantius II) Persians (Shapur II)
351 AD Mursa Romans (Constantius II) Romans (Magnentius)
353 AD Mons Seleucus Romans (Constantius II) Romans (Magnentius)
356 AD Reims Alemannia Romans (Julian)
357 AD Argentorate Romans (Julian) Alemanni
359 AD Amida Persians Romans
363 AD Ctesiphon Romans (Julian) Persians (Shapur II)
367 AD Solicinium Romans (Valentinian) Alemanni
377 AD Willows Romans Visigoths (Fritigern)
378 AD Argentaria Romans (Gratianus) Alemanni
378 AD Adrianople Goths (Fritigern) Romans (Valens)
387 AD Siscia Romans (Theodosius) Romans (Magnus Maximus)
394 AD River Frigidus Romans (Theodosius) Romans (Arbogast)

Did you know?

Under Diocletian the frontier armies bore the brunt of the defence of the empire. The role of the field armies decreased somewhat as political stability meant that usurpations were a lesser threat that they had been before. Each of the tetrarchs had a small sacer comitatus at his disposal.


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