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Battles of the Second Century AD





2nd Century AD

101 AD Tapae Romans (Trajan) Dacians (Decebalus)
102 AD Sarmizegethusa Romans (Trajan) Dacians (Decebalus)
105 AD Sarmizegethusa Romans (Trajan) Dacians (Decebalus)
117 AD Hatra Parthians Romans (Trajan)
166 AD Ctesiphon/Seleucia Romans (G.Avidius Cassius) Parthians
169 AD Siege of Aquilea Marcomanni, Quadi Romans
169-180 AD Various Battles Victors Varied in Marcus Aurelius' Wars with the Germanics


Marcomanii, Quadi

193 AD Cyzicus Romans (Severus) Romans (Pescennius Niger)
194 AD Nicaea Romans (Severus) Romans (Pescennius Niger)
194 AD Issus Romans (Severus) Romans (Pescennius Niger)
197 AD Lugdunum Romans (Severus) Romans (Albinus)

Did you know?

By the end of the second century AD, cavalry was playing an important role in legionary tactics and represented up to one-fifth of overall forces in many military actions.


Roman Battles of the Second Century AD - Related Topic: Dacia


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