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Battles of the Third Century AD





3rd Century AD

217 AD Nisibis Parthians (Artabatus V) Romans (Macrinus)
218 AD Antioch Romans (Varius Avitus) Romans (Macrinus)
238 AD Carthage Romans (Maximinus) Romans (Gordian II)
243 AD Resaena Romans (Gordian III) Persians (Shapur I)
243 AD Verona Romans (Decius) Romans (Philippus Arabs)
250 AD Philippoplis Goths (King Cuiva) Romans
251 AD Abrittus Goths (Cuiva) Romans (Decius)
259 AD Mediolanum Romans (Gallienus) Juthungi
260 AD Edessa Persia (Shapur I) Romans (Valerian)
261 AD Balkans Romans (Domitianus) Romans (F.Iunius Macrianus)
268 AD Naissus Romans (Claudius II Gothicus) Goths
268 AD Mediolanum Romans (Claudius II Gothicus) Romans (M.Acilius Aureolus)
268 AD Lake Benacus Romans (Claudius II Gothicus) Alemanni
271 AD Fano Romans (Aurelian) Alemanni
271 AD Pavia Romans (Aurelian) Alemanni
271 AD Placentia Alemanni, Marcomanni, Juthungi Romans (Aurelian)
272 AD Immae Romans (Aurelian) Palmyrenes (Zenobia)
272 AD Emesa Romans (Aurelian) Palmyrenes
273 AD Palmyra Romans (Aurelian) Palmyrenes
274 AD Campi Catalaunii Romans (Aurelian) Romans (Tetricus)
285 AD Margum Romans (Diocletian) Romans (Carinus)
296 AD Silchester Romans (Asclepiodotus) Romans (Allectus)
296 AD Callinicum Persians (Narses) Romans (Galerius)
297 AD Armenia Romans (Galerius) Persians (Narses)
297 AD Ctesiphon Romans (Galerius) Persians
298 AD Lingones Romans (Constantius Chlorus) Alemanni
298 AD Vindonissa Romans (Constantius Chlorus) Alemanni

Did you know?

In the third century, the Roman Empire had a very hard time. One reason was that the Romans were constantly being attacked by the Sassanids in the East and at the same time by the Germans in the North.


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