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    Current content in the works:
    I. A Roman legion roster highlighting the names, foundations, and significant campaigns of all the legions from the imperatorial period through the end of the empire.
    II. A roman coin and economy section.
    III. A list of all the Roman Consuls from 753 BC through the end of the western empire.
    IV. A brief history of Rome and her empire, including an in depth timeline.
    Of course there are many projects that are in the queue, but these are a sample of what you should see soon. Brief descriptions of all the emperors, completing the province histories, filling in the culture section with information on religion, the gods, roman numerals, the calendar etc.
    We may even expand our coverage to include Rome's less civilized neighbors with a Celtic Timeline under consideration by our technical expert Moonlapse, as well as other civilizations. All in due time
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