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    Book Review of The Gabinian Affair by Ray Gleason


    The Gabinian Affair answers the age old question: How does a poor farmer’s wife, burdened by an expensive mortgage incurred in an attempt to keep up with the Joneses, afford to give her son an elite, liberal arts education? Answer: Find a rich guy, and uh, persuade him to help.  Mama was Roman, married to the descendant of a Gallic Roman citizen. And she wasn’t exactly poor. Her father was an equestrian businessman, and a pretty good one at that. He gave his daughter a not too shabby dowry of 25,000 denarii. But no way were she nor her father going to let their boorish Gallic relatives get their grubby hands on that. Helvetia (Mama) demanded that her husband take out a mortgage that he couldn’t afford to build her a proper Roman-style house...


    ...continue to the full review of The Gabinian Affair by Ray Gleason

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