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    Caesar's Not Here - A new FREE eBook from Marcus Mettius


    For five days only, from  Friday, May 29 through Tuesday June 2, Alex Johnston is offering a free Amazon download of his new book Caesar's Not Here:  The Inauguration of Pompey's Theater.


    To download the book for no charge from Amazon, please click on one of the following links:


    US link:  Caesar’s Not Here


    UK link:  Caesar’s Not Here


    If for some reason the links don’t work for you, just search Amazon.com for Caesar’s Not Here, by Alex Johnston.


    From The Author:


    Caesar’s Not Here is the fifth book in his Marcus Mettius series.  Well-grounded in the history of the late Roman Republic, the books celebrate the largely fictional exploits of the eponymous bit player mentioned in Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic War. He envisions Marcus as a smart, funny, and savvy operator, who hobnobs with the elite of his day.  I hope you like his portrayal of him!


    And if you need to catch up on earlier volumes in the series, please visit his author page on Amazon, where all of the books in the series are offered:




    If you are on Facebook you can like him there



    Below you will find the link to the interview we did with him a few months ago:

    Interview with Alex Johnston



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