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    Elagabalus - Origins of a Syrian Emperor


    First part in our emperor series on Elagabalus` life


    Only one emperor has managed to surpass Caligula's reputation for deranged behaviour and homicidal debauchery, and that is the man who takes his name from the god he attempted to impose on Rome – Elagabalus. During his four-year rule, Elagabalus' behaviour alternately outraged and delighted the people of Rome, while behind the scenes the Roman empire was competently governed by his mother and grandmother. It was only when these two women fell out that Elagabalus' short but flamboyant reign was brought to an end...


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    User Feedback

    Delighted to see publicity given to this much neglected emperor. While hesitating to self-publicise, much more on Elagabalus can be found in my historical novel available on Amazon Kindle,'Icarus and the Virgin', which deals with the affairs of this five times married emperor and,as per the title,the one-time Vestal Virgin, Aquilia Severa, whom he married twice. The devotion of Elagabalus to his monotheist sun god would lead (IMHO) to a constant reverence for this deity which was to persist to the reign of Constantine. Do read for the historical background as much as for the entertainment.

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