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    Review of Brutus: Caesar's Assassin by Kirsty Corrigan


    Enough talk. The time to take action had arrived. Those involved in the conspiracy had plotted and schemed for some time, taking great care to weed out the unreliable or uncommitted. Now the Tyrant must be removed and if that meant his death, then so be it. One man approaches the Tyrant on petty business, and when dismissed haughtily, instead grabs him firmly.There is no going back. The Tyrant realizes something is dreadfully wrong. He'd been warned this would be a dangerous time; even his wife had implored him not to attend this meeting. But now the conspiracy rush forward with daggers drawn. A desperate scuffle breaks out as conspirators stab wildly, hurting each other in their frenzied assault upon their victim. Unable to fend off the attack, the Tyrant finally gives up and slumps to the floor, covering his face with his cloak in one last gesture of vanity. His body would be found beneath the statue of a murdered rival...


    continue to the full review of Brutus: Caesar's Assassin by Kirsty Corrigan

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