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    Review of the UNRV Map of the Roman Empire


    Review by Philip Matyszak


    These days walk-throughs of ancient Rome are ten a penny on the internet, where you can also find incredibly detailed maps of the ancient world (I particularly recommend those from J. Dent and Sons Atlas of the Ancient and Classical World which is now out of copyright in most jurisdictions.) So why does one need an old-fashioned wall map of the Roman empire, such as the one offered here by UNRV?


    Well, the first reason is because this wall map makes the wall look good. The colours are a combination of pale greens, blue and light browns, a well-matched and appealing mix that is easy on the eye. As someone who has prepared numerous maps for different publications, I can attest that while the components of a good map appear to work together effortlessly, creating that appearance takes a lot of work. So this is the second factor in favour of this map – it manages to be attractive visually while also being a highly functional tool...


    ...continue to the full review of the UNRV Map of the Roman Empire

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