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History Of Ancient Rome

UNRV Roman Empire aims to give visitors a substantial look into what Rome was. We will delve into all aspects of its society and those of her neighbors, and perhaps share a greater understanding of our own world through that of the past.


The superstar sportsmen of their day.


Trade, taxes and coinage of the Ancient Romans.


The clothing and changing fashions of the Empire.


A dark but significant part of Ancient Roman life.


Discover how military success fuelled expansion.


Religion played a major part in everyone's lives.


Construction that was ahead of its time.


Overseeing it all was an extremely difficult job.


How were the sick and the injured looked after?

UNRV.com is thrilled to present a Wallmap of the Roman Empire. Exhaustively researched over the course of two years and subject to five months of design and historical scrutiny, this 'poster' is not simply an artistic work, but truly an educational resource in its own right.

This map is unique wall decor that is perfect for the den, office or classroom and will delight history buffs; particularly those with a special interest in the Ancient Roman Empire. With the map features presented in the original Latin, it will also make an educational tool for the student, teacher or professor. No classroom focused on ancient history or classical studies should be without this spectacular reference and conversational piece.

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Roman and Ancient History Books

Featured Book

Cato versus Caesar: And their Roads to Empire

by Brian Igoe

This is a story of Ancient Rome and takes place in the half century before the birth of Christ. Our two protagonists are Cato and Julius Caesar, representing opposing philosophies dedicated to the recovery of Rome from the brink of collapse. This book takes the form of alternating chapters written by each of the two protagonists; their supposed memoirs.

"An easy read for anyone who loves history, important figures, and wants to learn more about what it was really like back in Ancient Rome for these two men and their people. Overall, I highly recommend this book to readers worldwide." _ D. Urban

Latest Book Reviews

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14 - March 2018

Group Identity and Religious Individuality in Late Antiquity

by Éric Rebillard and Jörg Rüpke

To understand the past, we necessarily group people together and, consequently, frequently assume that all of its members share the same attributes. In this ground-breaking volume, Éric Rebillard and Jörg Rüpke bring renowned scholars together to challenge this norm by seeking to rediscover the individual and to explore the dynamics between individuals and the groups to which they belong. Instead of taking religious groups as their point of departure, the authors address the methodological challenges attached to a rescaling of the analysis at the level of the individual.

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09 - February 2018

Early Ships and Seafaring: European Water Transport

by Seán McGrail

Early Ships and Seafaring: European Water Transport covers the subject in three main sections: Concepts and Techniques, The Mediterranean and Atlantic Europe. The techniques of early boat-building run throughout as the story is told, how log raft and hollowed log gave rise to different techniques of planking while hide boats, particularly on inland waters, developed in parallel. The latter two sections reveal the different seagoing conditions of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast, with the interesting common thread of Caesar's observations in his annals concerning NW Europe.

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31 - January 2018

Lucullus: The Life and Campaigns of a Roman Conqueror

by Lee Fratantuono

The military achievements of Lucius Licinius Lucullus (118-57/56 B.C.) have been the subject of admiration and great respect throughout the history of the study of warfare. Yet there have been few studies dedicated to a comprehensive examination of exactly how Lucullus conquered the Roman East and made it a more or less cohesive part of the empire.

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06 - January 2018

Graffiti in Antiquity

by Peter Keegan

Graffiti in ancient times was a little different than today; less concerned with visual impression and certainly more literate and meaningful than the modern phenomenon. It opens a window to the expressions of ordinary people in an era when very few left any media for us to know them by. Graffiti In Antiquity by Peter Keegan sets out to bring to the reader a layer of communication not normally considered in the study of history.

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12 - November 2017

Pax Romana: War, Peace and Conquest in the Roman World

by Adrian Goldsworthy

Pax Romana is a rather gentle but comprehensive refutation of this view; or at least a solid thesis by the author that 'the pendulum has swung too far'. In this book, author and scholar Adrian Goldsworthy looks at Rome and its empire in a series of detailed studies - from conquest, to administration and frontier defences - and asks 'Did the Pax Romana really exist?' And if it did, was it beneficial for the people who lived under it?

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