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Map of Corsica

Map of Corsica

History shows that Greeks from Phocaea, in Asia Minor, founded the east cost town of Alalia. Already by 264 BC, the Carthaginians had footholds on Corsica. Carthage intervened in a dispute between the two major cities on the sicilian west coast, Messana and Syracuse, to established that way a presence on that island. This happend during the First Punic War which was fought from 259 to 163 BC.

This war was also fought to establish control over the strategic islands of Corsica and Sardinia. Rome, in responding to Carthaginian challenge, attacked Messana and forced the Carthaginians to withdraw. In 260 a Roman fleet failed to gain complete control of Sicily. However, it did open the way to Corsica and the Carthaginians were expelled.

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