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There are more than a handful of excellent books about the gorgeous island of Cyprus, however, you might not find one perfect book to review everything there is to know about Cyprus! That`s why one has to carefully select the topic one would like to research/read about regarding the incredible island called Cyprus, for example there are very good books about the history of the island like A Traveller's History Of Cyprus by Timothy Boatswain or fantastic books about the local cuisine in Cyprus like Taste of Cyprus by Gilli Davies.

When you buy a travel book about Cyprus

Make sure the book is about the Island of Cyprus or at least it is the "main theme" of a book about mediterranean islands. There is nothing more irritating than to buy a book about a specific region but you end up with an overview rather than in depth information of your favourite destination. Make sure that you buy a book that's not too old (published date) because the travel information could be out dated. If possible buy a book about Cyprus that has plenty of pictures, after all, you would like to see as much of the region as possible, so you can plan your trip accordingly. We've collected the (in our opinion) best travel books about Cyprus available. I hope you find the selection useful. Happy reading!

Very good travel books about Cyprus

The Rough Guide
The Rough Guide to Cyprus explores every corner of this paradise, from the fine, sandy beaches and wooded hillsides to the ancient churches and buzzing bars.
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet guides are written by experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit. This fully updated edition is packed with accurate, practical and honest advice.
Eyewitness Travel
Recognized the world over by frequent flyers and armchair travelers alike, Eyewitness Travel Guides are the most colorful and comprehensive guides on the market.
This guide is ideal for the first-time visitor. It is concise and informative and contains over 30 full color area maps, town plans and locator maps, over 80 full color photographs and a full size pull out map all in a handy plastic pack.
Thomas Cook
The Thomas Cook Travellers to Cyprus comes from the world’s leading travel expert and has everything you need to plan the perfect trip; The top sights and the less well-known ones...


The Mediterranean climate, warm and rather dry, with rainfall mainly between November and March, favors agriculture. In general, the island experiences mild wet winters and dry hot summers. Variations in temperature and rainfall are governed by altitude and, to a lesser extent, distance from the coast. Hot, dry summers from mid-May to mid-September and rainy, rather changeable winters from November to mid-March are separated by short autumn and spring seasons.Winds are generally light to moderate and variable in direction. Strong winds may occur sometimes, but gales are infrequent over Cyprus and are mainly confined to exposed coastal areas as well as areas at high elevation.


Tourism occupies a dominant position in the economy of Cyprus. Cyprus became a full member of the UNWTO when the organisation was created in 1975. According to the World Economic Forum's 2007 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, Cyprus' tourism industry ranks 20th in the world in terms of overall competitiveness. In terms of Human, Cultural and Natural Resources (in relation to the tourism industry) Cyprus ranks 3rd in the world.

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