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Naples Travel Books

There are not very many good books about the "New City" Naples (Napoli), however, we've collected, in our opinion, the best travel books about Naples, Italy. There are other books covering topics not related to travel but feature Naples like In the Shadow of Vesuvius : A Cultural History of Naples by Jordan Lancaster, or even fantastic books about Naples cuisine The Food And Wine Guide To Naples by Carla Capalbo.

When you buy travel books about Naples Italy...

the book should always be about Naples. It can be quite irritating to buy a information book that ends up with just an overview rather than the detailed, focused content that you thought you would get. Also be sure that you buy a travel book that is not outdated. If possible buy a book about Naples with several images of the location. After all, you would like to see as much of Naples as possible, so you can plan your trip accordingly. We've collected the (in our opinion) the best travel books about Naples available. We hope you find the selection useful. Happy reading!

Very good travel books about Naples

The Espresso Break
Travel to Hades and Purgatory, roam the ruins like the gluttonous Romans, or watch miracles happen. The Espresso Break takes you into the mythical land that is the oldest city in the Western World, Naples, Italy and beyond.
My Love for Naples

A scholar as well as an expert cook and culinary teacher, Ms. Callen weaves history with delightful personal notes and delicious recipes into a memorable culinary experience...
Insight Guide
This outstanding travel guide covers the regions foremost sites. It comes with a fold out destination map of the Naples Bay Area. Provided by the respected Discovery Channel.
Lonely Planet
This incredible travel book about Naples, Italy is packed with excellent insider tips and so much more. This very smart and stylish travel guide serves up an irresistible slice of the beautiful south of Italy.
Fodor's Citypack

This guide covers everything you need to explore this picturesque city and home of the pizza is inside. With top picks for dining and lodging in every budget. Includes the city�s top attractions.
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