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Stand Up Guy

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I had my first go at Stand Up Comedy last night.

It could've been better, but then again, it could've been a whole lot worse.

Luckily, there was your archetypal drunk-guy-who-thought-he-was-hilarious on before me, and he made me look good, and I was able to take the piss out of him mercilessly and get more laughs. Later on I bought the guy a beer, not out of pity, more out of thanks!

My routine was based around lampooning race relations in this country in the main and I was glad to see that Kiwis have a sense of humor about this, and can laugh at themselves. The crowd was mostly European and middle class but they were great. Last night gave me confidence to have another crack at this stand up thing.

You get a real sense of being on the edge of disaster and I found it very invigorating. One of my fellow victims had a harder time with dealing with nerves. He spewed on himself and never recovered. It's hard trying to shore up someones confidence when they cant stop retching! Unfortunately for the guy he tanked, but reckoned he was going to have another go now that he'd got this first time out of the way. Now that's brave!

I ended up adding in a whole lot more ad-lib stuff than I thought I would, and that extemporary humor definitely helped to mix up the stuff I'd scripted. The crowd gave me a big clapping off when I finished (one of the better ovations of the night), only some of it ironic! I resisted the urge to pack the crowd with my friends (I didn't tell anyone about this apart from the UNRVites) and in hindsight, that was a good idea. Next time I'll invite some of my friends.

I'm stoked with myself. Getting up in front of people and trying to make them laugh is bloody hard!

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That's so exciting! :thumbsup:


I would've loved to have been there. Any chance you might someday record your shtik and put it on YouTube?


-- Nephele

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Yeah, once I figure out how to do it! One of my friends is keen to come and record my routine so we can dissect it later on. Once we start that, I'll start with the YouTube thing and you can laugh with me (or at me: Up to you!)

Cheers, sis. :thumbsup:

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Nice one mate, glad to hear it went well.


If you enjoyed it, which it certainly sounds like you did, and you get pretty good at it then who knows....You might have the case for a career change on your hands!!! :thumbsup:


It's got to be better than slogging your guts out day in day out!!

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I'm not sure about a career mate, but it was certainly a lot of fun and a real challenge. It intrigued me that so many of us humans if given the choice would prefer to have their leg chewed off by a shark than get up in front of an audience. I like doing stuff that's scary to me. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but having had a crack, I found I did have fun and with a whole lot more work on my act, I might be OK at it.

There's a long way to go yet.

Cheers for the compliments, mate.

Oh, and.... GO THE RHINOS!

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