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    I happened across this on YouTube and found it quite good. The acting is well done, the sets, the pace.
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    ex(s)ulte is a derivative (imperative singular) of exsultare https://browse.dict.cc/latin-english/exsultare.html so mars exsulte! would mean mars rejoice! or if you take the corresponding loanword mars exult!
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    Enjoyed it. Now I need to find photos of ancient Roman "eye stamps". ETA: I found this: https://www.ypsyork.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/News-34-Roman-eye-medicine-box.pdf
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    In his 'Penguin Atlas of Medieval History' Colin McEvedy states that the last pagans were around at the time of Heraclius (early 7th century). I don't know what his source was, however. A year or two ago on BBC I saw a news article about modern greeks who have started worshipping the old gods, dressing in ancient greek clothes and going to Delphi etc etc. As an agnostic verging on atheism I say good look to them, at least it is a religion directly ancestral to their own culture. The thing that made me laugh was an Orthodox bishop, saying they were infantile and that their religion was nonsense. Really? From someone who believes that a guy walked on water and rose from the dead?
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    Well, okay; I wasn't going to say anything, but I figured: what the heck. It's a common misconception that Mother Teresa made any contribution to mankind. The majority of money raised did not go to the poor in Calcutta; it went to building nunneries to indoctrinate women into Mother Teresa's unique brand of 'compassion.' She mistreated those she was charged to help; she allowed countless people to die who could easily have been saved through modern medicine. She was a vicious, phony fraud. And we recently found out that for fifty years she didn't believe in God or Jesus; she tried to, she wanted to, but she couldn't feel their presence. This serves to illustrate her motives: she did what she did for two reasons. One, to fight off her demons, and, Two, in a selfish attempt to feel the presence of God and Jesus. Don
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    I believe you're objecting to the inclusion of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu for the wrong reasons. "Influential" does not necessarily equal "benign." Note that Hitler, Stalin, Ghengis Khan, etc. are also on the list. -- Nephele
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    I'll go along with the moslem request ON THE DAY CHRISTIANS MAY WORSHIP IN SANCTA SOPHIA. Same circumstances.