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The inevitable

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It took 14 weeks...14 weeks of students who were so stubborn and, in some cases, ignorant...who continuously come to class despite being severely under the weather. And in this case, the maladies mostly revolved around strep throat and bad colds.


Yep, 14 weeks of my immune system fighting the tough battles. Of waging war against those horrific germs who were trying to invade my temple.


Finally...I have become collateral damage in that war against the ill-feelings that are typical with the changes in the temperatures.


Ok, that's being overly dramatic, even for me. I really don't get sick. Even my colds are relatively mild; they'll sap some of my energetic zing, leave me congested and with a bit of a sore throat, but really it's not that bad. But it's definitely annoying.


Last night the sore throat started, and was in full force this morning as I woke up. Raw as can be, the pain going from my throat to my soft palate. But no fever, no real aches, and as the day went on a slight sinus headache did arise...but nothing like what I've had in the past. Advil and Riccola...that's the remedy for the day. Lots of tea. A hot Toddie at night (sheer bliss), and a shot of Robitussin before bed. Guaranteed I'll be better in the morning. Well, I won't sound like it; I'll probably be congested, but the throat will be better (gee, might I have to go to the gym tomorrow and sit in the steam room? Shucks...). These things are usually pretty quick with me.


And the best part? Today was the last day of review for one campus...hardly any talking for my part. I don't teach tomorrow, but I have a make-up final exam to give. So a relaxing weekend is coming up, and I dare say I'm ready for it!

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Honey. Works a treat for colds and sore throats. But just a little tip - apparently fluffy bears like honey too and bees get quite upset if you nick their handiwork. Beware of spring loaded tigers.

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Beware of them? I am one! *boing! boing!*


Oh, uh, sorry.


Yes, honey does wonders...it goes in my tea and in my oatmeal frequently.


As for the declogging of nasal passages, saline irrigation is the best. Although I admit that I do go for the Robitussin at night, so my coughing will cease.


On cue, this weekend I was stuffy and not much for going out. I felt fine, but my energy level was not at it's Tigger-like altitude. Today I sound like a frog, practically, but feel fine; most of the congestion has gone or has migrated south to the chest, so the occasional cough still spouts. Still, nothing as bad as my students or my colleagues.

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