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Born To Run

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Since my semesters started last Tuesday, I've been waking up during the week at 5:30. Thankfully I'm able to hit the snooze a couple of times, but it's still too damned early to wake up. I really don't like it. But, hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Because of the shock I was now putting my body into every morning, I decided that I'd ease back into my exercise routine, skipping my thrice weekly dates with my gym for a week or two until I knew how much energy I would have after teaching in the morning. Sensible enough, I supposed.


Yesterday was the first day back to the exercise routine. I knew I wouldn't have much time--maybe an hour at most in the cardio room--but at least I'd get some in. I also figured that I'd go on the treadmill for most of my workout, thinking that I'd walk most of my routine, again to ease into the whole moving mine arse thing again. But as I got loosened up on the machine, I got to thinking that I could use with a jog.


This is funny on a few levels. If you put me in water, I instantly grow gills...I can swim for ever and ever. On land, I'm much more suited for walking...I can do that for a while. But running? Erm, well, yeah, not so good. I've never been a good runner; I usually either lose my breath too much, or my knees ache. As I've lost weight it's gotten better, but I still can't jog for more than say 10 or so minutes at a time, and it seems that the treadmill works better for me than out of doors. Also, while I can go on the eliptical for an hour, the thought of running usually isn't a very pleasant one...I admit to laziness when it comes to exercising (is that possible?).


So yesterday I'm on the treadmill, with the thought in my head of jogging for a while, just to see how much I can do. 20 MINUTES AT 4.5 MILES PER HOUR!!!! Quite the record...I can't do much more the 4 MPH normally as it's too fast. I was shocked...and quite winded. I wasn't really able to do much more after that, but I was still impressed! Of course, then I realized that I tend to do this, that when I've had a layoff from exercise, the first day back I seem to be able to do quite a bit. But then...then, the second and third and subsequent times I return to the gym, I won't be able to duplicate the energy and stamina.


So, tomorrow, I'm in the pool. I'm gagging for a swim. My gills are dry.

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