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Love Reign O'er Me

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When it rains, it pours. It's rained something like 5 out of the last 6 days, and will continue to rain another 6 out of the next 7. One lady I see often in the gym is starting to complain about it, seeing as how the precipitation is causing her to do all her exercise indoors rather than go for a walk. Personally, I do like walking in light rain; it brings this cool, cool water down right when you're getting a bit too warm. As long as it's not blustery or pouring (and we rarely, if ever, get freezing rain) it's actually nice to go out and splash in the puddles a bit. I guess madame didn't see it that way...nor did she stop to realize that our county board of supervisors just voted to impose mandatory water restrictions. They'll set the percentage next month--they want to see how much rain we get in the next four weeks before they set a number. Dude, I just hope we get enough rain to stave off major restrictions.



There's a neighbor of mine who I'm quite friendly with...he's a great guy who is really fun, intelligent and witty. Someone you like to sit on the frotn porch with and watch the world go by. He's expressed via body language his interest in me, and I've been successfully pushing him away. See, as great a guy as he is, he has a couple of extracurricular activities which the police and, in my case, the federal government don't find to be too legal--a couple of recreational habits that, while they won't completely shorten his life, they will definitely cause a few misdemeanors. I've been trying for the last couple of years to get into the State department as a Foreign Service Officer, which means that those closest to me have to keep their noses clean. Ok, so I can't control what my family does, but I can have some control over who I choose to spark up relations with. I'm going to have to tell him shortly that there's no way for us to get extra friendly...and do it in such a way that I don't come off like he has no chance in hell. I mean, he doesn't, but that doesn't mean that I have to be cruel about it.




When feeling cooped up, I often go to my favorite establishments for a couple of pints and a dinner out. My favorite place is the Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant, a handful of blocks from my apartment. Love the beer, love the food...love the various TVs around which supply an endless quantity of sports. I met this guy there while I was watching a hockey game; he had a fairly involved conversation, which led to us going out for a date a few days later. Early in the date the topic of conversation revolved around work--he's a managing engineer for a major software company in the area, and I told him about my line of employment. Once those three little letters came out of my mouth (p h d), the mood of the night changed. He began using big words in his conversation, and his manner of speaking became more stiff. Then he wouldn't stop fidgetting...really nervous. I asked if there was something wrong, and he himmed and hawed a bit. Finally he admitted that he didn't think the date was going well, and he apologized for it. I took a sip of wine, took a deep breath, and took a look in his eyes. He was intimidated. Funny, I was prepared to continue our bar conversation of how the Sharks were going to dismantle the Eastern Conference during this road trip and finally get very far into the playoffs. Yet another one bites the dust. Suddenly my neighbor doesn't look like a bad option.

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Gotta love guys, right? Speaking for myself, I'm almost completely romantically indifferent to women unless they're sharp, confident, and passionate about something. Even if they're a 'knockout.'

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Yeah, well, you're married...you're out of the question! Otherwise...hehe


It's really been my luck for a while that the ones who are of the same persuasion as yourself are all spoken for. This is not making it any easier. The ones who are single that I've been meeting seem to be that way for a reason. Eh, it's all good...it'll all work out in the end!

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I'd go for the bad boy neighbor, and State Department be damned.


Not that I'm the self-destructive sort who is only attracted to "bad boys" (and I don't think you are, either).


It's just that your intelligent, witty, bad boy neighbor seems a whole lot more appealing than that insecure twit who said his date with you "wasn't going well" after you casually mentioned your college work.


-- Nephele

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Yep, tis true. I used to be the kind that thought that people would change if you gave them a chance...I know it's not true. We mature--we learn from our lessons--but we never truly change.


The neighbor isn't a 'bad boy,'...just sparks up routinely and enjoys the occasional prescription narcotic. Pretty common, really 'round these parts. It's not a felony, but it's not legal, either. It reminds me too much of "Trainspotting," where Rent Boy is basically pointing out the hypocrisy that he's being told to kick his heroine habit by people who pop pills and get blitzed on a routine basis...it's true.


(Truth be told, if my landlord wasn't already in a committed relationship, he'd be my exact type...but, alas, tis not meant to be!)

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