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Why Love Is Blind (a Little Parable)

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Once all human feelings met in a forest. When Boredom yawned again, Madness offered: "Let's play hide-and-seek?!" Intrigue raised eyebrowes: "Hide-and seek? What is the game???" And the Madness explained, that one of them, (for example, me, Madness), closes the eyes and counts up to one million while the others are hidden. Who will be found last is lost. Enthusiasm began to dance with Euphoria, Pleasure jumped so gaily, that could persuade Doubt. Only Apathy refused to participate in the game because she always interested nothing. Truth preferred to not hide, because she will be found in any case, Pride said that it is absolutely foolish game, Cowardice would not like to risk.


Time, two, three ...-Madness began to count.


Laziness hided first, it was covered for the nearest stone on the road, True went up on heavens, Envy hided in a Triumph's shadow who climed up on the top of a high tree. Nobleness could not find a place for himself during long time because each place seemed ideal for his friends - crystal-clear lake was for Beauty; a shollow in the tree was for Fear; a wing of the butterfly was for Voluptuousness; a wind's breathe was for Freedom.. So, Nobleness hided in the sun beam. Egoism found only for himself a warm and comfortable place. Lie hided on depth of the ocean (and actually, she was on rainbow). Passion and Desire were hided in the crater of a volcano. Oblivion, couldn't remember where she hided... But it's not so important.


When Madness counted up to 999999, Love still looked for, where she may hide herself, but all places were already taken. But suddenly she saw a marvellous rose-bush and decided to hide among its flowers.


-million!, -Madness said and began to seek.


Laziness was found up first of course. Then Madness heard how True disputes with God... Then Passion and Desire were founded up because the volcano began to shake and was ready to blow up... then Madness saw Envy and guessed where is Triumph. Madness didn't look even where is Egoism who was hidden into beehive, bees drove out him. Madness want to the lake and found up Beauty . Doubt sat at a fence and couldn't decide what the side is better for shelter.


So everyone have been found - Talent was in a juicy fresh grass, Sorrow was in a dark cave,


Lie was on rainbow (or maybe at the bottom of ocean; sly Lie) but only Love wasn't found yet.


Madness looked for behind each tree, in each brook, at the top of each mountain and, at last, he decided to look in rose-bushes, He moved branches and heard a shout. Thorn's sharps hurted Love's eyes.


Madness did not know what do now, he began to apologize, cry, ask... And he promised to Love to become her eternal guide for expiation of his fault. This is the reason why Love is blind and Madness lead her by the hand... since the feelings played hide-and-seek on the Earth first time.



Sorry for mistakes :ph34r:

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Where did you get this from?

Well, I got it from one of my friend's blog and translated it on English but I think it must be a known parable but I read it first time and liked it.

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