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In three weeks time, I'll be waking up after my first night in my new apartment. And I mean really new...they're putting the finishing touches on the construction now. The anticipation is nearly killing me, but the next 3 weeks will be full of organization, happiness, and logistics. I've already booked my upstairs neighbor to help me move--he's got a big truck, a fairly large trailer, and does this for one of his side jobs--and given notice to my landlord. Of course, it's been sitting here, and he hasn't bothered to pick it up. But he knows that I'm moving out, knows that the date is set, and even when the date is. He's just never knocked on my door to pick up the notice. Nice.


I'm kinda dreading him, though, too. He's got a band--well, they say they're a band, but I say they're a bunch of garage band kids that are now middle aged--that comes over every Wednesday night to make noise in the music studio in the back. He's mentioned that they want to throw me a party...ugh. I used to have a great excuse, that I had a private group on Wednesday nights so, aw shucks, darn and drat, I don't think it'll work out. Sadly I just had to disband the group for lack of participants, so that excuse is out. Ugh. Now I need another excuse. Eh, knowing me, there will be some...I'm sure I have meet-ups with friends and such. Yeah, that's the ticket.


The big chore for the day is to go to one of the better used book stores and sell off some books, DVDs, and perhaps some CDs. There aren't many, but since they haven't been selling on Amazon Marketplace for me, well, time to get them gone. I don't want to pack them to the new apartment; in fact, this is one of the things I'm very good at, getting rid of clutter on a periodic basis. Let's face it, I've lived in small spaces or I have been moving every year or two my entire adult life, and I've learned the hard way that if you don't give stuff to the Salvation Army and sell stuff off regularly, it just grows and grows and grows. I'm definitely good with clothes--if I haven't worn it in a year, it's gone--and constantly put stuff on Amazon to sell. Hey, if it's just sitting here collecting dust, and I have zero use for it, why not sell it? I'm not saying that I'll recoup my costs, but at least that's a few bucks in my pocket.


Well, it's nearly 8am, time to get moving with my day. Lots to do today...big bucks to be had! hehe

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