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Electric Feel



After the intros for all the other Giants, you hear the sound of


In the bullpen, warming up...number 55...TIM!!!!! LINCECUM!!!!!!


Yes, it's the post season for Major League Baseball, and my Giants are in, and looking strong. While I don't have tickets to any of the games, at least I can watch at home. Also, I won't be freezing at AT&T Park, whic his very and entirely possible to do during night games.


Oh, I had some gripes on what manager Bruce Bochy concocted for the 25-man roster...like why the hell did he let Pablo Sandoval onto the roster? Mr. I Swing At Everything And Am Too Pudgy To Play Defense? On the other hand, 'Boch' left Barry Zito off, which pleased everyone in the Bay Area. But overall, hey, the dude knows what he's doing, right? Hope so.


Everyone here is worked up in a frenzy over this; even Oakland A's fans are happy for us, sorta. It's the first time in 7 years that the Giants have been in the playoffs. The last time they went in as National League West champs, same as this year. But not much came of it, as they lost in the first round. It won't happen again this year! No, I tells ya!


In my family, there is a bit of a tradition. We never would watch tv while eating dinner--a practice that I hope to continue in life once I live in a place where the dining and living areas aren't connected together. There, however, were two exceptions: the MLB All-Star Game, and the first game of the World Series. Oh, not like the Giants were in there often--1989 and 2002 are the only times in my lifetime--but if they were playing in the playoffs, my mom would re-arrange dinner time so that we would miss the least amount of time from the tv as possible. We even listened to the radio broadcast during dinner, as an appeasement--mostly to me, as I probably was the biggest baseball fan in the family. As we got older, we would set up tv trays in the living room and eat there...a HUGE event, to be sure, as eating in the living room was taboo.


So, forgive me, all, if I seem a bit more daft than usual, but my mind's on baseball. I promise, it'll be all back to normal in November :rolleyes:


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Traditionally we Brits get a little baffled and jaundiced about Baseball. To us it's a game of Rounders, something girls play at school and we don't understand the razzamatazz surrounding Baseball whatsoever. It's all rather like Homer Simpson dancing to the Baby Elephant Walk.


Think I'll take a back seat and let you guys enjoy your national sport :D

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That's ok...we look at cricket and wonder how in the hell did baseball come out of that? I mean, yeah, baseball can run longer time-wise than football (American or otherwise), but it seems like cricket matches go for days. Plus, baseball uniforms are cuter, at least to me...take that for what it's worth :lol:

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I wondrered if you'd mention Cricket. There's nothing more English, is there? Except it might not be, because I notice that recent evidence suggets it's an import from the Flanders, which is kind of interesting, because Britain had migrations of foreigners from that region in days of yore (including Swindon - we got loads of Belgians)


I doubt most English people really understand the game to any real degree either. I don't, and I played the game in my schooldays. Since those days however the game has become a little more commercial and so the 'whiteness' of it all isn't important any more.


Personally, I think the Americans ought to realise that they're not playing baseball properly, acccording to rules established in England hundreds of years ago. Sorry, but an armed revolution is no excuse. Rules are rules. We cannot allow this sort of colonial chaos in sport. It's just not cricket!

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*puts on best New York accent* (where's Neph when I need her?)


"Joo take your cricket and gedawda 'ere...we don'need jore stinkin cricket!"


I much prefer our baseball...for one, I understand it, almost all of it. But mostly, because it's TORTURE...well, that's really only the Giants. With a 3 run lead bring in the best closer in the game for a 2-inning save, which he's almost done before. What would be wrong with that? Nothing...except we lose. Dammit. As we Bay Area fans know, the tagline for this team this year is: Giants baseball...TORTURE!


No matter...we're going to take the Braves where they call home...right where they don't think it'll happen. Hah!


(fake bravado...great stuff)

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