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Holy Trinity-st. Sergius Laura

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I put some pictures to my album "Moscow" and it's a little comment to this sight. :)


St. Sergius's monastery developed for the villages and settlements surrounding what is now known as Trinity-St. Sergius Laura. In the 14th century the citizens were painters, wood carvers, and toy makers. The toy factory, as well as the tradition of craftsmen, survives today. Trinity-St. Sergius Laura is one of the most revered Russian monasteries. It is the historic center of the Russian Orthodox religion.

Sergius was instrumental in bringing peace and unity to much of Russia. He worked with feuding princes and citizens to unify a greater Russia. It is ironic that his lifelong intention was to abandon the world for the sake of inner self-discipline and he ended up spending most of his time in peace making ventures. During Sergius

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