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Mind Eraser, No Chaser



This truly is the calm before the storm. Relaxing night tonight, after spending the day with a couple of friends. Tomorrow afternoon I head to the parents' place for the evening; we'll be going to the neighbor's farm, which is decked out with Christmas lights and winter wonderland-ness galore. Then a calm Sunday before...the whirlwind.


Monday afternoon: office hours

Monday evening: final exam #1

Tuesday mid-morning: final exam #2

Wednesday evening: good friend comes into town

Sunday morning: good friend leaves

Monday evening: holiday pot-luck party at my place.


Just a bit of a full plate. :) And just the way I like it, I must say, although I would have liked to have another day between the finals and my friend coming in to town, but it's all good.


My friend has never been to San Francisco or Northern California, so I have a wide-array of activities in the hopper. All that is required is good weather; if the weather turns rainy, as it is preliminarily projected to be, then plans can be changed. Of course we'll go to Union Square and the shops and such there, regardless of the weather. But if good weather prevails, then we'll definitely hit my favorite coastal spots, and perhaps a walk on my favorite trail, near a reservoir. I love playing tour guide!


My local friends are asking about my New Years' Eve plans, as if I have my life planned that far. Many know that it's also my birthday, but some don't, or don't remember, and I'm not exactly inclined to remember. As far as I'm concerned, as long as my family remembers (and they do), that's all I need. No gifts needed...a phone call suffices. And I never got into New Years' parties, either...I mean, it's a new year for me, sure, but for everyone else? Eh, no biggie. On the other hand, I'm not gonna turn down an invite out of Bah Humbugism. And yet...they're stunned that I'm not hosting a party, or that I don't already have plans. Um, I never really have plans. How has this been different than the norm? Besides, something always comes up last minute.


On a brighter note, my horoscope says that a large chunk of change is due my way tomorrow, and my employment and business goals will be fulfilled in the next 2-3 days. Wait...didn't it...um...didn't it say that last week? And this past weekend, too? It's as if the readers of the stars don't know me at all...feh. I'm going back to the tarot readers...they seem to know me better. *snicker*


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Busy schedules are great until the insidious arrival of stress makes it a trial. They say it's good for you but in what way? What's the use of becoming a nervous wreck? On the other hand, there comes a point where your life is so busy that your memory can't cope, and after a few missed events, you turn to personal organising and thus descend the slippery slope toward a form of analism that is insufferable to others, so you lose your friends and thus end up fully organised with an empty diary. Go figure... ;)

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I would agree, but I'm a bit of a type-A personality (or perhaps an A and a half...not quite so high strung), so a little of bit of stress fuels me. I actually prefer it...organizing, making people happy (and myself, naturally), but balanced with enough downtime to enjoy life. It's an art, true, but an easy one.

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