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Comings And Goings

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Just in case you all thought I was going to do something impulsive or inspirational, fear not, for today is just another day in the life of a dedicated jobseeker. So once again it's another fifteen minute stroll to the programme centre and delve into the myriad advertisements on the internet.


On the local high street I spotted an articulated lorry parked on the side of the road, with a van parked the wrong way round on a one way street, with goods being transferred from one to the other.


I noticed the lorry had german license plates. Nothing unusual these days. We get more foreign lorries than our own what with fuel prices and competition. I regularly see a dutch lorry at the bottom of the hill offloading supplies of foliage to the local flower shop. Quite what happens to the foliage afterward is another matter, because I never see anyone buying any.


Then I noticed the van was displaying italian license plates. Eh? Now I've always thought I was a little clued up about logistics, but a german lorry offloading to an italian van on a british high street? How is that profitable? Me no understandee...


Record Breaking Burgers

I see Burger King have totally ignored the latest health advice and created a product oozing with calories. Currently it's only available in Japan, but if British people decide that consuming curries is old hat, or poisonous, considering one takeaway down the hill from me has been fined for rat infestations, how long will it be before television adverts for burgers show government health warnings?


I imagine that soon we'll be banned from eating them in pubs. Like somkers, there'll be small crowds huddling in the cold evenings under street lamps enjoying their distasteful habit. Or worse, will people be banned from eating burgers in public entirely because it's not nice to maltreated cows to be devoured in the sight of the law abiding majority?


Death Rehearsal

What a horrible headline. Apparently someone has said that the upcoming royal wedding will also be a dress rehearsal for the Queens funeral. She isn't dead yet, you know. Oh well. Practice makes perfect I suppose.

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Here's wishing the Queen the best of health . . . and not just because we'll get yet another additional Bank Holiday next year, (to celebrate her Golden Jubilee). Two additional Bank Holidays in two years. Mr Cameron must be grinding his teeth!

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Re the foriegn delivery, a couple of years ago I was working in Madrid I was in my van with English plates taking a delivery from a van from Hannover in Germany!!


It gets better!! I was installing signs for Lexus which is owned by Toyota which is Japanese, so an English firm was in Span installing signs made in Germany for a Japenese company !!


Figure that one out? :unsure:


I wasn't compaining though!!B)

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Probably something to do with 'cabotage' or at least a couple of foreign drivers trying to get around legal limits on how many deliveries they can make while visiting a foreign country. :naughty:


As to extra holidays if you look carefully you will probably find that we don't actually get another holiday just the current powers that be mucking around with the millenia old tradition of May Day occuring on 1 May :angry:

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