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Slipping Slightly Further

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Another blow to my individuality stares me in the face this morning. In my emails is a reply to a job application which says my attempt to persuade a certain job agency that I would like to be put forward for this particular role is now considered spam.


If that doesn't confirm what an obstacle to finding a job the employement agnecies are, what is? So many vacancies are now exclusively in the hands of these agencies who frankly worry more about their contracts than their customers. I hate agencies. Utterly. Modern slave traders.


On The Plus Side

What a nice day. Sunshine, blue skies, everyone relaxing before the big wedding tomorrow.


Except I have to visit the Job Centre and be interviewd by Customer Compliance. Again. But lets not worry unduly. After I've been savaged in a life or death struggle with a claims advisor, I have the prospect of a long walk to look forward to, so I can enjoy the bright sunny weather.


And pay the postage on a letter the postman wouldn't put through my door.

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It's ridiculous that somebody like yourself who is quite clearly determined to get back to work and trying their hardest to make it happen has to put up with shit like that but yet some bone idle scrounger out there who has absolutely no intention of lifting a finger to earn a living for themselves and will quite happily sit at home claiming all the benefits they can will probably get the opportunity of work thrown at them all the time, believe me I know a few people just like that who are always ducking and diving to avoid working for a living!


It makes me sick, I can't begin to imagine how it makes you feel!!!:(



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The customer compliance people told me I was articulate, educated, and good at interviews. So why aren't I getting any interviews? Why do you think that is? But I should be employed by now - Why don't I get interviewed?


Actually I do, sparingly, and I got an email just today advising me of a possible interview to come. Rather those questions seemed to be fishing for a particular answer from me. Not sure what it is the lady wanted me to say, but I am certain it wasn't going to help.

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