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Oops And Ouch

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Time for another health check this morning. The slightly confused nurse asked me what my appointment was for. I told her it was for another blood test.


"Who put you forward for that?" She enquired. You did, three months ago. At least my memory isn't failing. Then again, it never pays to upset a nurse. She brought out her needle and loomed menacingly over me as she strapped my arm down.


This won't hurt a bit....


Oh To Heck With It

The burned out shell of the Locarno, most recently a nightclub in a victorian merchant house, was touted as part of an italianate development to improve the Old Town enviroment. Trouble is, no-one can think of what to use the Locarno for. So they're thinking of demolishing it.


Use it or lose it. That's Swindon.


Hot Tip of the Week

If anyone is tempted to find a new and inventive method of using a door, you might like to know that I attrempted the "Whoops I've tripped and headbutted the door" method this morning. So using the door handle is still the most efficient and pain free means of access.


If anyone wants visual confirmation of my results, I have a big bruise over my left eye and no, the nurse didn't do it.

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