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112,4 kilograms = 247,799583 pounds



New record low since i started to check on this! 112,4 kilograms = 247,799583 pounds


Just got back from the gym, 20 minutes cross trainer, 25 minutes with cardio bike and some weightes, feels good to be alive...


let see if we can get below 112kg this week...


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Still over 17.5 stone but only just for those of us not conversant with modern, continental or American weights.


I am beginning to wonder if I should give up something myself...but maybe not dieting and exercise seem like too much trouble but good on you for doing so.


Mind you if I was in Nothern Germany rather than giving up salad I may well be considering giving up something else like cream cakes. That as oftena s not is the usual vector for E-Coli strains but the local health authorities there don't even seem to have considered it as a possibile source so far.

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...regarding my eating habits, the only thing i restrict is carbohydrates in form of sugar and bread, i havent had a coke or any other form of soda in the last 6 weeks and more important no bread... eating no bread has made a real difference, have much more energy, actually cant wait for tomorrow morning so i can go to the gym...



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I went in for a routine exam today...compared to last November, I lost 15 pounds. What they don't know, though, is that 15 pounds came off in the last month. Eh, it's all good...what they don't know won't hurt 'em :)


Keep it up, Viggen!!!

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