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My Name Is Lord

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I can't tell how how pleasant a day it is right now. Bright sunshine and a cool breeze. Even the mood is relaxed as I go about my business among the throngs of people feeling exactly the same way as I do. Okay, I avoided the marching band, but hey, each to their own.


The museum has been unusually busy too. Paying customers? Whatever next? Asking that question was my mistake. For those who've ever watched the comedy series My Name Is Earl, Karma is alive and well outside of California too.


Karma never misses a trick. Unable to blow a winning lottery ticket out of my hand for asking dumb facile questions, or have me mown down by a passing saloon car and thus sent to hospital to think about my place in the universe and how to be a better person, it instead created a problem for the guy who runs the job club. So he's not in today.


Most of the time being Lord Caldrail isn't a problem. Even yesterday a very polite lady phoned me about a vacancy I applied for and asked me if she needed to call me by my title. Bless. Course you do dear - although I was equally polite and told her 'Caldrail' was sufficient.


Unfortunately, some of the time you need to do stuff. Laurence Olivier (as "Crassus") said it best in the 60's film Spartacus - "The problem with being a patrician is that sometimes you're obliged to behave like one".


So Karma arranged for me, as the senior unemployed noble, to run the job club today and cope with computer illiterates and other disadvantaged jobseekers. My name is Lord.


What's In A Name?

It's a funny thing really. My Employment Mentor did her level best to persuade me that using my title was not helping my job search. I knew she was wrong of course. Half the time it seems the title wasn't even noticed at the top of my CV. But it was nice that one job agency rang me and confirmed that the title got me noticed.


I knew I was right all along. Thanks, Karma.

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Lord Caldrail, as a job seeker who feels that the title that one has should dictate certain behaviors...what do you suggest if people consistently neglect or gloss over one's title? At some point grace runs out, doesn't it?



The Poor Prof :lol:

(Yes, the :lol: is part of my title...)

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It would, but you don't find many titled jobseekers. I'm probably the first our job centre has encountered and they were determined to erase it and restore me to conventional rascal status. In any case, there's sufficient law to give errant nobles a bloody nose if they don't comply - titles do not imply immunity as some of the actions against senior politicans following the expenses scandal will illustrate.

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Why dont you start writing a novel something like the adventures of an unemployed roman peasant during Augustus time,

you have a great cynical tone in your writing and that dark british humor, i am happy to make you a star! ;) Mr. Lord Caldrail, (pretty awesome name for a writer anyway)




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