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Tis The Season For Whinging

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It was such a lovely afternoon yesterday that I couldn't help taking a wander around some of our local open spaces. I was in the mood for a break. The aggravations of job searching seem especially aggravating right now, simply because it feels like I'm trying to wade upstream right now. After nearly two decades in warehousing you would think I'd learnt a few things, but apparently job agencies regard me as lacking the necessary experience. Pardon?


Anyway, that's enough of a gripe. The weather was fine and a cool breeze made it very pleasant indeed. Maybe it's just as well I took advantage of the sun. Apparently the weather is to return to standard british format by friday (which for those of you who aren't acquainted with England, that means rain).


Swindon Indiana

Sometimes I get bizarre offers of employment. There' a job for

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Are you sure that wasn't 80,000 Polish Zloty's if that was the going rate in Poland I somehow suspect there would be a lot of UK and other migrant workers over there.


PLN 80,000 would work out about

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What the... A cheap east european ploy to get me to emigrate and leave a slot in british society to be filled by immigrants to our green and pleasant land? Sneaky... Very sneaky...

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