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110.7 kilograms = 244.051724 pounds



This is hard, much much harder than i thought. I fear with age the ability to loose weight fast disappears.... :(


I tried really hard with exercise and not eating too much, despite all my efforts for a long time i was stuck at around the same weight level. It was as if my body pulled a switch and decided to not loose any weight anymore. Only a few days ago this "threshold" seems to have been broken through and i finally have a new weight to announce, slow very slow but nevertheless the pounds are melting...


i keep you up to date...


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Hi Viggen


You might remember me, I've just read your past few extracts and in my opinion you are doing great, its a state of mind not body that you shoudl watch out for. I cannot preach on losing weight but I can on battling past the mental walls. This place is as good as any for moral support. :D



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...hi vtc,


yeah its a lifestyle change more than anything else, the process is much slower than expected, but to be honest much more fun too...

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