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Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead (part deux)



So it seems that Col. Gaddafi--or, as

--has met his proverbial maker. Obviously, most Libyans (and perhaps others in North Africa) are elated at the thought that their former dictator is no longer in any position where he can control their every moment. And, from what the reports are suggesting, one son is dead, and the other is in custody.


I truly hope that all of this is true.


Call me a cynic, but we went through this before with this family a couple of months ago, that 'the reports' said that the Gaddafi sons were in custody after the fall of Tripoli...only to re-appear later, tongues sticking out and taunting the world, "nah nah, yoooooou didn't caaaaatch me." And while Ol' Moe wasn't exactly buddies with Saddam Hussein, the latter did have numerous body doubles, and I would guess that Gaddafi would pick up the same habit. After all, you can't be too careful when your ass is on the line.


The reports are sketchy, at best, and not confirmed as of 1pm PDT, but it sounds like he was delusional until the very end. He really thought that he would be able to sneak out of Sirte undetected by NATO. Guess not, eh?


I think it's safe to assume that most know that the new 'transitional' government couldn't be able to gain full legitimacy from their own people, let alone others in the world, until the Gaddafi family was completely eradicated from power. So here starts the new chapter in Libya. Will it be a prosperous one? Will it be a moderate one? Will it be a peaceful one? Will it be a repeat lesson of history? Lord knows...but I do hope, for the sake of the people of Libya, that it is truly representative of the people, whatever their wishes and desires may be.


So...the Wicked Witch of the East and West (of the Arab world) are no more...who's next?


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I think in the case of Egypt and Libya, the people have simply traded secular dictators for what will eventually be Islamo-fascists.

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I'm not entirely sure, Ursus, just because everything needs to be played out. My hope is that the modern tradition of moderate thinking continues, but one never knows.

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I suspect the fastest way to have 'Islamo-facists' or any other group that 'we' in the West may wish not to be in power is to keep treating them AND everyone else in their country as if they are not to be trusted.


While remembering the 'obvious' lessons of Chamberlain's action with Hitler*; treating people honourably as you would wish to be treated by them and speaking 'gently' about what you may wish for in return may be a better way forward.


* I have long wondered if rather than having the wool pulled over his eyes; much of what he said and did was actually what proved to be a successful attempt to buy time while Britain rearmed.

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