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(Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay



I have no idea why, but

is my absolute favorite song by Otis Redding.


I mean, it's not really about San Francisco; it's really about him. Yes, I know, he was sitting on a pier that ran into the San Francisco Bay when he wrote the key line, but the rest of the song was written by Steve Cropper--and he purposely wrote it about Otis. Evidently, Otis hated writing about his life, but Steve found it full of inspiration.


I guess the rhythm of the song does remind me of sitting at some of my favorite beaches along the coast--Pescadero Beach in particular. Or better still, of sitting on the pier of my great-aunt and great-uncle's place on Tomalas Bay, just north of San Francisco. They sold it in the mid-80s, when I was but a wee lass, but I still remember going fishing with my dad off that pier, and sitting on it to enjoy the sunset.


I guess its purpose is to have us reconnect with some vague memory...it does with me.

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Moment and music do often connect in the memory. Not Dock of the Bay in my case, but other songs certainly. Not always nostalgiac and fond either. As I've learned some songs remind me of times I'd rather forget. Like most of the Red Japser back catalogue :D

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