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Tripping on Aspirin

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caesar novus


Long ago a co-worker and I suffering thru cold/flu seasons did a comparison test of a range of anti-histamines. We normally rarely agreed on things, but both decided chlorpheniramine maleate was the champion. Its an old school variety that also makes you drowsy, and I recently started taking some slow release versions to avoid waking up from (I think) irritating construction dust creating breathing problems. It had the strange side effect of trying to extend sleep for the full 12 hours that the dose is supposed to last.


Well, thats a drag... but oddly I recently got the opposite effect when by chance combining that pill with aspirin. Very strange, and I haven't discussed it with anyone before now. What does this mean to wake refreshed with only about 4 hours of sleep, and is it a real, healthy sleep? I guess the cycles of sleep put the important part in the first few hours, and high achievement folks like Napoleon lived on short sleeps naturally.


I hate to live with some artificial additive, although aspirin is about as natural as you can get. The ancient Greeks used it from willow bark, as did the Cherokee. It is in fruits and vegetables, and according to wikipedia the body even synthesizes it. The active ingredient is salicylic acid which wiki sez has been proposed as vitamin S! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salicylic_acid Weirdly it's the same stuff that is sold to paint on warts to make them drop off.


There is also an anti coagulant effect, which is why I experimented with it in the first place. With even athletes getting heart attacks from modern artery clogging diets, I dabbled a bit with the baby aspirin regime to thin the blood. But it bugged me that baby aspirin cost more than the normal adult size pills. The big pills CAN overdo anticoagulance, for instance making a shaving cut (or an ulcer) bleed way too long. So I decided to simply take big aspirin only on days of some slight muscle ache (such as overexercise) anyway.


Now I find this dramatic effect, and wonder to milk it or leave it alone. Does it just work for me... does my system yearn for these combined additives due to some imbalance? Not sure, but you have been informed of the potential anyway.

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P.S. an aside on anticoagulance... I just saw a lecture on the stages of shock. One of the last horrible stages is an INTERNAL coagulation of blood. Your confused body guesses you may have had a hand or foot bitten off, and blindly clogs up extremities whether they need it or not. The symptoms are counterintuitive... bleeding from the eyes, ears, all over since the rest of your blood is depleted of natural coagulants. Seen in combat, but it is not from the physical effect of an explosion pressure wave. I forget the latin name for this, but the cure is branded in my brain... you have to jab them with a dose of anticoagulant, which is the opposite of what appears to be needed. Yuk, but maybe salicylic acid to the rescue again.

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A last followup: just talking this thru to myself has helped, and i will mention my further direction without burdening with future results.


So i have found apparent dazzling symbiosis with aspirin and antihistimine for me. It occurs to me that the 4 hour blissful sweet spot is equal to the duration of the published aspirin dose. My next task is to try to extend it to 5 hours by using coated tablets (and avoiding using bayers new fast acting fine granule aspirin).


With a good 5 hour sleep, maybe i can jettison the long acting antihistimine which is expensive with side effects. So a regular antihist boosted with the anti inflammatory and other good effects of aspirin. Of course even aspirin can be overdone and i have sourced cheap coated smaller doses online. Use the minimum or none being an ultimate goal.

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