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I googled the problem with the database error



I have a theory..... either the site administrator is dead or homeless, and paid for the site a year in advance.


I like to think Hobo. He's riding the rails, crazy dirty beard, howling against the hail to the sight of a untouched winter valley below the shaking railbridge, in a state of liberating, frenzied serendipity having cut his last bonds to this world.


I copied and pasted the error message, and looked at the most recent examples of it. There is a degree of variability to it, but in general, it results in partial to full shutdowns of forums due to a unknown quota of messages being breached.


Everyone resolves it by calling the database serves, listen to their gripping about it, then begging everyone to delete the messages. Then site resumes.


I thought about sending this info to a mod, who could in theory tell the admin, but that PM is just outside of the scope of my willpower today.


Instead, I take my turkey baster and bucket of hot soapy water, and will go tree to tree looking for hibernating squirrels. It has as good a chance of fixing this as any other.


P.S. people..... quit emailing me, if it is a overload of the PM quota, we are just making worst. Short of finding the Admins house and clicking stuff on his computer, I can't do squat. Talk to the admin or mods. I'm just some guy. Cynics can answer many of lives hard questions most are incapable of tackling, but database errors are not a natural strong point of ours. Seems simple enough, but I can't do squat about it anymore than you.