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caesar novus


If the forum site is to be eternally awaiting maintenance, maybe I had better correct a wrong impression I posted there. The really appealing Minerva magazine, http://minervamagazine.co.uk/ with a lot of coverage of Roman archeology and history... really is giving Roman coins with some of it's subscriptions (auto renewing or 3 yr minimum). I reported that their website blew up when I attempted my (intnl) subscription, and gave up when no billing appeared. But now I've got my coin, mag, and bill... something to keep that Roman fix coming (altho not cheap).


P.S. if someone knows how to contact the admin for this site, they should remind that admin that klingan or whatever Patrick from Sweden goes by made an offer to take over the upkeep of this site. I can probably find how to contact Patrick if you can get the OK from the Austrian admin.

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I think you just click on the administrators name and PM him. 


I think 50 50 chance it's a money issue, they just opted not to keep the upgraded service going. But that doesn't explain the lack of interaction or warning, or why it's just the forum that's frozen. This site gets pretty good google search engine coverage, It would be a shame for it go sink.

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