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Battlefield post office



I have to send quite regualry maps to various customers around the world and luckily till about a few months ago the delivery rate was really good. I think one in 100 maps arrived damaged in some form or shape, so nothing to worry about. However...


About a month ago my post office informed me that round tubes are no longer served, i cannot use them anymore, reason beeing they cannot be stacked, they roll, so they are a logistical nightmare. Ok, whats the alternative? I was told that there is a very good alternative that cost the same and is basically a tube with corners , so they can stack..


well i show you how sturdy those bastards are below... (image thanks to a not so happy customer)




As you can see that thing is quite flat, so i learned two things; dont trust anyone, and those parcels are not handled with care...

Conclusion, i invested in better tubes, in fact if they manage to break them than i give up, see below the monther of all tubes... cost three times as much as a normal one but apparently a Boing 747 can roll over it (not really)...




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