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Do I Wanna Know?



*tap tap tap*


*peers into a dark and dusty room*


*sniff sniff*




Damn, well, I guess I should come in here more often. I kinda let the place down a bit. A neglected blog is an unhappy blog.


Hrmmmm...well, first thing's first...if I clean up this little area over here, that'll get things started.



So, it's been 2 years and 5 months, give or take a few days, since my last entry. Just a few things happened along the way.

1. The dude I was dating back then? Yeah, we got married. That was 1 year, 4 months, 22 days ago.

2. A week after the wedding, he had a stroke. Thankfully, he came out ok--his medic training and my first aid/CPR training kicked in immediately. But his therapy took a while. (The good news? He has very little 'remnants' of the event; some disarthrya/aphasia, but not much at all. Nothing that impedes him from work or daily life.)

3. I might have taken on a few projects. Ok, more than a few. I've been working non-stop. I take minor breaks here and there, but not many. And I'll keep on going for a while, too...I'm teaching again this summer, 2 classes. Hey, the money is good.

4. The Giants might have won another World Series...3 in 5 years. Seriously, without words.

5. Jezza...you dolt...thanks to him, my Mondays are all messed up. Guess Hamster and Captain Slow will have to figure things out....or they all quit in support, come over to the US and do the show properly here. (Read as 'Get rid of the yahoos that supposedly still do the American version of the show here, and make it to what they want it to be here. On second thought, only Hammond would be happy with that....)



There, that corner is done...so, what's next to tackle?


PS...the song is more because I still love it...it's still a bit of a stalker song...but the drum beat kicks it hard. Great song to drive out on the freeway, blaring loud, trying to wake me up as I merge with the other morning drivers.



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Thanks, dudes! I feel like I've neglected quite a few things over the last couple of years, mostly due to many changes in work-life. But hopefully there will be some calm soon. It will always be a bit hectic--I don't seem to run well in any other mode--but at least I'm starting to find more time to do the things I love.

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Hi Doc.  Really good to see you back . . . and please send Mrs OfClayton and my best to Mr OfLove.


Someone on a panel show over here said Top Gear could never work outside the BBC, because all the expensive cars they slagged off would be being featured in the ad break . . . until the manufacturers realised and pulled the advertising.


But anyway, I can put your mind at rest.  The UK has an abundance of over-opiniated middle-aged men to fill Mr Clarkson's boots.

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I can see it now...Caldrail, GoG, and one more...tearing up the highways and byways of the UK...even in the occasional chariot.


That's right, folks...it's Prima Supellex*.


*NB: I don't really think that's the best translation of 'gear', but I'm still working on the title.

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