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Fake storm warning industry

caesar novus


Here I sit typing outside in what was hysterically promised to be a massive tropical storm from a weakened hurricane. Even weather reports on TV were pre-empted by big brother robo alarms which couldn't be muted even if you hit pause button or changed the channel. Well, the wind is less than usual, sky is greyer than usual, sprinkles are a little more persistent than usual... just what anybody would expect from checking doppler radar etc of oncoming storm. Oh, you can feel a sinister quality to even weak wind gusts... it's how fast they accelerate rather than their tame speed.


I've seen it umpteen times; we luckily have a massive mountain that hurricanes have to cross first, and the forecasters are oblivious to the demonstrated historical fact that it snuffs out much circulatory power out of such storms. They probably know; only recently did their models pay attention to geography, but they probably don't dare stick their neck out and depart from proven flat-world forecasts. Maybe faked out a guy who repairs wind-blown roofs and is an instructor pilot to boot; I see him blogging he has boarded up his windows.


This time I really detect fraud. The storm has long been rated at the slowest possible speed to raise any alarm, and was forecast to not drop even one knot after mountains and cooler water for an unprecedented period until it passed all populated areas. There is a disaster industry where politicians and scientists huddle and warp the message for both good and bad intentions.


I suspect the storm has long been under dangerous wind speeds, but the nerds were afraid of the small chance it would ramp up and force them to flipflop their warnings. Forget the truth, don't inform us lowly taxpayers but pump condescending spin to keep us manageable. I have sat thru a scientific review of the Japan tsunami event, and came to see many public warnings of such waves are overblown compared to what is known to science. Even if you have infinite power behind a quake, it takes unusual predictable geology to allow that to translate to big waves. Most places cannot create dangerous waves... they are like huge engines with a tiny propeller that can't exert it's force.


Anyway, I think politicians show worse motives here. Wasn't it the Romans who instituted bread and circuses, which google calls "a diet of entertainment or political policies on which the masses are fed to keep them happy and docile." Now they exhibit benevolence by overhyping storm dangers and needlessly opening shelters etc which is much cheaper and more visible than working on crumbling infrastructure. They monopolize news in their hardhats, for instance triggering buying frenzies on bottled water... a ridiculous product that can make folks sorry they didn't get nutritious drinks at the same price. The brain runs on sugar alone, and once I was stranded in the Sahara with nothing but lemonade sport powder for several days - comfy because wells and shade was available in my spot.

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I've got to add a postmortem postscript based on surprising news reports. The last tendril of the storm dumped a foot of rain on us, but without wind or the usual hysterical siren activity. Seemed like a kind of peaceful cleansing... the news reports mostly found minor flood incidents on the same scale of normal flooding happening every few months.


The amazing part was the emergency HQ center for all gov't agencies supporting a million people had it's power knocked out (alone). And it's emergency power booted up but the transfer switch wouldn't feed it in. All those bossy, highly paid, condescending preparedness freaks were in the dark and out of touch except for one guy who had brought a laptop and handheld radio to a remote storm watching location.


The main damage was gov't created. A sort of homeless favela that had been allowed to form on an industrial stream washed masses of toxic trash into a recreational bay (too protected to self cleanse). These folks were not down and out but each had more possessions (stolen and found) than residents of a McMansion neighborhood, which were aimed at selling to nearby recyclers. The federal govt had blocked local govts from preventative cleanout based on misguided compassion, so the shoreline is now wrecked with a million cubic feet of rusting and splintering hazards.

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