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Stuck in the 80`s

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I don`t know what is (is there?) wrong with me, no matter how good a new artist is, or how intriguing a new pop/rap/rock/soul/alternative/whatever song is, i quickly loose interest and get back to my good old 80`s songs...


...am i getting too old for all those new "superstars" that i dont seem to catch on? Sure, some of "my" hero`s" are still around, but there are not many that made it all the way from the eighties into todays charts, so how will todays kids feel in twenty years?

Do older folks then me cherish "their" time (if there is such a thing) like the 70s or 60s, is that just the flow of nature that your teens are the most influential period and you cant seem to move on?


...anyway, i am feeling a little nostalgic today and Vienna from Ultravox is just the right medicine for the moment! :angry:

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Nah, it's not just you. I got frustrated with radio here in the States--all stations are owned by like 3 companies, and they have the same playlists that they repeat every 1.5 hours. So a few years ago I got a satellite radio (XM), and have really enjoyed listening to the various channels, including some which are more Euro-centered. However, I've noticed that they've started to play the same pop crap that I was trying to avoid. So I'm mostly finding myself listening to the 'Alternative' channel (it's plays the 80s and 90s alternative music that I remember from high school and college) and the Euro-pop channel (it's ok, not great, but at least it's not all Britney).

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I think it's fairly commonplace for most people to be stuck in the era of their most care-free memories (typically the late teens to early twenties).


Personally, I was so disappointed by new music from my mid 20's until just a few years ago, I virtually gave up on most of it. It was our very own Moonlapse who thankfully introduced me to some music that had been outside my normal radar and I've been greedily hooked on finding more new stuff to devour ever since. Sometimes one just needs to be exposed to something other than the mainstream radio fare in order to get re-energized.


Mind you, my listening tastes were never truly mainstream anyway (I'm pretty much a metal-head disguised as a professional), but one might be surprised what they will like if they give it a chance. There is something out there for everyone, but it can sometimes be hard to find if it ain't 'POP'.

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I'm with you too, Viggen. I haven't found any bands that I really liked since the late 80's-early 90's (my high school years). One of the only radio stations I can get on my radio at work plays a lot of the current crap with a little of the "classic" rock that I like. It's basically the lesser of several evils.


I grew up on 80's hair & metal bands with some of the 70's rock that my older sister listened to. I don't admit to too many people, but I'm a closet Go-Go's fan as well :). If only I go back in time.....

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