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Lady of Good Birth
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Lady of Good Birth

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A Lady of good social standing is visiting the Fowler's House, herewe see three live owls which in Roman hunting would be used as decoys whilst hawks set about the prey animal


© Pertinax &copy 2003-2006
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Thank you again.

I have mentioned about perches elsewhere but it bears re-iteration. To keep a bird healthy the talons must grip a branch or branch like perch, they are required by nature to grip robustly, to keep sinew and claw in best condition. Many birds of prey have a sort of "ratchet" mechanism in the foot which cranks up pressure the more a prey animal (or your wrist ) moves about.The reflex is automatic, the only way to stop an animals talons biting into you is to cease moving and relax regardless of the pain.

Without a perch the bird would sicken and die.

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