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    Congrats to you both. PS Maybe you should consider buying a telly!
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    You'd be surprised how many Brits are unemployed and complain about Polish neighbours, as well.
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    Of course, Viggen, you wouldn't want Mrs Viggen to know that you originally referred to 'Cupid's Error', and then quickly editted it to cover up your Freudian mistake. Don't worry - your secret's safe with me.
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    Sure are. Got my swords sharp and pointy, my backpack full of cornflakes, I've blown a trumpet a few times, and a free doughnut for the first man through the wall. Bit short of an army however. Slightly disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. Onwards!
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    Good lad, Viggen! I would struggle with similar linguistic wordplay 'auf Deutsch'.
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    It will be back shortly with the block buster opening to the new season.