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    Excellent review. A must have book. New concepts, old ones overturned. Maybe a better picture of the battle near Adrianople and the role of cavalry.
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    Well written review! Definitely makes me want to check it out!
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    Sometimes, as we all know, we have to suffer through a not "edge of my seat" read, but this book sounds like it may shed some light on a very tumultuous period in Roman history. Having read the historical fiction novel Galba's Men by L.J. Trafford and thus received an introduction to the year of the Four Emperors, it would be interesting to compare the two books. My compliments to the reviewer for an honest and detailed review.
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    I thought the review was exceptionally well written and leaves no doubt as to the content and scholarship of the book. I hope it has maps and illustrations to help the reader with the geography of the vast area covered by the book. Am puzzled as to why he is not funded by a University.
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    The book sounds absolutely fascinating and the reviewer did an outstanding job!