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    Do go there. You get a sense of the scale of a Roman fort and vicus and the closeness of the local community (though it was actually less compact than some settlements along the wall). As a site it feels a little odd because it's perched on a slope above a river valley and not what you would ordinarily expect. The reconstructions like the gate one has to take with some measure of salt, but there's nonetheless a real sense of something happening there.
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    Hadrian's wall was an eminently practical structure when you consider its purposes. A. To intimidate the barbarians (on either side of the wall) with a structure of a size that was almost unimaginable.That's why the wall sometimes continues along ridges that were imapssable anyway. B. To restrict and channel movement. Bascially a border post. C. And most importantly - to prevent large-scale raids. Sure you can get an army over the thing with a bit of delay and effort. But how to get the cattle and waggon-loads of booty back over the wall in a hurry? Especially when there's a somewhat irritable Roman army coming up behind. The Rhine probably gave the Romans the idea, and Hadrian's wall was an attempt to reproduce a natural feature that had the same effect.