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    Perchta - Germanic Goddess

    I don't think my kids would want to celebrate Christmas if we had the Krampus roaming the streets of the UK, that is seriously scary stuff, I don't think they would sleep at night!! On the other hand if they were that scared of Christmas and didn't want to celebrate it, I would be a hell of a lot richer that's for sure!! Mmmmmm I wonder where I can get my hands on one of those Krampus masks???
  2. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    To those who celebrate tomorrow

    Please excuse my ignorance guys but what exactly is Thanksgiving? I've always known about it but have never really known the reason for it. What's the history behind this day of celebration and why is such a big thing in the states? Cheers?
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    One for the Macro and Cato fans

    I've just finished reading the latest adventure of Macro and Cato, for those that don't know, they are the heroes of the Simon Scarrow novels set during the reign of the emperor Claudius. Whilst reading these books I've often wondered if they ever decided to transfer these guys onto the big screen ( I wish!!) then which actors would play the parts of Macro and Cato?? Macro Macro is a veteran of the Second Legion (the
  4. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Pompeii is crumbling.....

    Last month, part of a major wall came tumbling down in Pompeii, the ancient Roman city frozen in time by a first-century eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It was only the latest in a spate of collapses at the site, which experts say is in critical condition. Though the site is said to be safe for tourists, the disintegration is alarming enough to have spurred the European Union to pledge 105 million euros (145 million dollars) for preservation. Troubles at the World Heritage site, near modern Naples in southern Italy, began in earnest last year. In November 2010 Pompeii's Schola Armaturarum, a large building once used by gladiators for training, crumbled overnight due to water infiltration. Just a few weeks later, a 12-meter-long (13-yard) wall protecting a structure known as the House of the Moralist had fallen down in heavy rain. Now that poor weather has returned, more trouble has followed......... Read the full article HERE
  5. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    When did they stop being legions?

    Thanks Ghost, not quite sure what happened there?? That's the link I was supposed to put up All's well that end's well!!
  6. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Where I met my girlfriend....

    Spill the beans Vig! Which lady of UNRV has stolen your heart???
  7. Gaius Paulinus Maximus


    Ahhh the unforeseen possibilities of ancient history, don't you just love em? I'm a big fan of what if's? Although in the grand scheme of things speculation get's us absolutely no where and get's you no closer to the answers that we so desperately long to know, it's great fun doing it though isn't it
  8. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    query on Q.C.Metellus, Marius' implacable enemy

    Broughton's Magistrates of the Roman Republic is an excellent resource for this sort of enquiry but it is also an extremely hard and expensive book to get hold of theses days. As far as I am aware the Metelli were of Plebeian stock, although very wealthy an active through out the Republic and stood toe to toe with the patricians through out that time, they were infact merely lowly plebeians!
  9. Gaius Paulinus Maximus


    Let's not forget that Crassus backed Caesar to the hilt, financially anyway, so he must have some liking and confidence in the man, so what's to say that Crassus would have turned his back on the senate and chosen to support Caesar instead? Now there's a thought???? Btw welcome to the forum Marcvs Licinivs Crassvs. .
  10. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Housesteads Makeover

    That's good to hear. The museum in paticular has like Goc say's has been for quite a while in need of a generous sprinkling of tlc. The visitor facilities are ok at the moment but any upgrade will obviously improve the whole Housesteads experience. Looking forward to visiting the new improved Housteads in 2012.
  11. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    When did they stop being legions?

    Take a look at THIS site that I use quite a lot when I'm researching the Legions. Plenty of info here.
  12. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Welcome and Introduce Yourself Here

    So many new members since my last post!! Good stuff! So here goes............... A very warm welcome to Maria, Q Claudius Crispus, Here Wordus, Safiria Caesar, Calgach and Drusilla87. Welcome aboard everyone, hope you enjoy your time at UNRV
  13. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Cato's Love Triangle.

    After divorcing his first wife for infidelity Cato the Younger married Marcia, the daughter of L. Marcius Philippus, consul in 56, and "a woman of excellent reputation, about whom there was the most abundant talk." Plutarch's description of her suggests that she was somewhat more mature than many Roman brides, though she had not previously been married. There is little material on Marcia, though she also was deeply concerned over Cato's personal safety, and Appian says that Cato was extremely fond of her. She had borne Cato three children, and there is not the slightest indication that they were not happily married, when suddenly Cato divorced her. He divorced her because his close friend Hortensius had asked him for his own wife's hand in marriage! At first Hortensius had wanted to marry Cato's daughter Porcia, but she was already happily married to Bibulus with two young sons and the fact the he was at least forty years older than Porcia made the situation even more out of the question so old Hortensius changed his attention to his good buddys missus and Cato being the good guy that he was gave his wife to Hortensius. Strabo says that Cato gave Marcia in marriage to Hortensius "according to an old custom of the Romans" Does anybody know what this old custom was??? Oh by the way, after Hortensius died, Cato took Marcia back as if he had merely loaned her!!
  14. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

    HERE'S an interesting article on the upcoming Anniversary of the battle of the Tuetoburg Forest.... Germany is marking the 2000th anniversary next month of a battle hailed as the birth of the nation
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    A quick search on Wikipedia comes up with this which sounds fairly accurate.......... The modern gesture consists of stiffly extending the right arm frontally and raising it roughly 135 degrees from the body
  16. Scholars think that a Greek inscription in the collections of Rome
  17. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Roman Fort Discovered in Scotland

    Two Roman forts have been uncovered in Camelon, Scotland, along with 60 pairs of leather shoes, pottery, jewelry, coins, bones, and an ax.
  18. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Fifty? Who Cares?

    Happy birthday Lord Caldrail If I lived closer to Swindon then I'd take you for a birthday pint mate! At least the sun has shown it's face to pay homage to your birthday!
  19. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Happy Birthday caldrail

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD BOY!!! The big 5-0, Congratulations on reaching the half century!! I hope I'm not making you feel old by going on about you being FIFTY! ! Hope you have a great day Lord Caldrail! and remember, you are only as old as the girl you feel!!
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    Is it my dad's???
  21. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Welcome and Introduce Yourself Here

    Welcome to UNRV Reuda. Enjoy!
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    Go for it Ghost do your worst!! One of these days I'm going to be quick enough to actually play an active part in these trivias!! Who knows I might even get one right!!
  23. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Carthaginian Sacrifices

    I've just watched a documentary about Carthage on Discovery Civilizations, a part of the show focused on the Carthaginians apparent use of child sacrifice. Accounts of child sacrifice in Carthage report that beginning at the founding of Carthage, mothers and fathers buried their children who had been sacrificed. The practice was apparently distasteful even to Carthaginians, and they began to buy children for the purpose of sacrifice or even to raise servant children instead of offering up their own. However, in times of crisis or calamity, like war, drought, or famine, their priests demanded the sacrifice of the children. Special ceremonies during extreme crisis saw up to 200 children of the most affluent and powerful families slain and tossed into the burning pyre. During the political crisis of 310 B.C., some 500 were killed. On a moonlit night, after the child was mercifully killed, the body was placed on the arms of a god like statue, the arms where angled towards a fire pit, and the body of the sacrificed child would then roll into the flames. The sound of flutes, lyres, and tambourines helped to drown out the cries of the parents. Later, the remains were collected and placed in special small urns. The urns were then buried in the Tophet. The Tophet was a sacred precinct of Carthage and it's translated in to "place of burning" or "roaster". Archaeologists have found thousands of these urns containing the remains of the sacrificed children. Some people believe that the idea of the Carthaginians sacrificing their children is credited to the Romans who simply made it up in order to vilify and discredit the people of Carthage just that little bit more. The child mortality rate in Carthage was very high, apparently every 4 out of 10 children died before their second birthday, so some historians believe that this place called the Tophet was in actual fact just a children's cemetery and not a place of sacrifice. The argument for both sides of the story was very believable, What do you guys think??
  24. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Chelmsford 123

    I can't believe I've never seen this show?? Or for that matter even heard of it! When was it on? Could well make a nice addition to my Roman collection though!
  25. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    The price of a book in ancient Rome

    This is a very interesting discussion people! As the demand for books increased towards the end of the Roman republic, and it became the fashion for the Roman nobles to have a library, the trade of booksellers naturally arose. They were called Librarii (Cic. de Leg. III.20), Bibliopolae (Mart. IV.71, XIII.3). Their shop was called taberna libraria (Cic. Phil. II.9). These shops were chiefly in the Argiletum (Mart. I.4), and in the